About Open Aerial

Open Aerial is a not for profit organisation, set up to bring the benefits of aerial to all, regardless of physical, mental or age limitations. We are a small team with experience in teaching people with a variety of learning difficulties and disabilities. 

Open Aerial works closely with our parent company - Flying Fantastic - and shares many core values and principles, notably around making aerial accessible and enjoyable for all.

Flying Fantastic was set up in 2011, with the sole aim of breaking down the barriers that surround circus arts, and delivering accessible and enjoyable aerial classes to adults and children from 6 months to 106 years! 

Open Aerial was set up in 2018 to spread the aerial net further still, reaching those harder to reach organisations who might not otherwise get to experience the thrill of running away to the circus - but making sure they're home again in time for tea!

Our core values

Open Aerial prides itself in being a welcoming space, from beginners to professionals – and everyone in between. Irrespective of experience, we extend that welcome to circus communities and the communities of London and beyond.

We believe everyone could benefit from a bit of circus in their life, so we do our best to make our training facilities available and affordable to as many people as possible. We also facilitate and cater to clients bespoke needs and requests, for example; confirming wheelchair accessibility.

We aim to increase confidence and self worth, building resilience through achievement and providing a safe space to allow aerial and circus to be a force for positive change in people’s lives.

Open Aerial and Flying Fantastic aim to encourage the advancement of the arts by providing a creative, open space to promote the creation of performance, with a focus on contemporary circus, at both a professional and amateur level.

At Open Aerial , we organise and deliver workshops, performances and other educational activities for children, young people and families from deprived backgrounds and people who would normally not have access to such activities. In doing this, we are promoting vocational training in circus skill teaching and fitness, as well as helping people find out more about education and training in the creative and artistic application of circus skills and physical theatre.

Open Aerial is run for the benefit of the people that use it. We are constantly looking to improve our offerings, facilities and equipment available to be able to continually deliver the best for our customers. It's the least they deserve!

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